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Kevin is a writing consultant, instructor, and editor of Etched Press. He enjoys filming video adaptations of poetry and working with young writers in the community. His own words have most recently appeared in Menacing Hedge, SOFTBLOW, Glint Literary Journal, Sunshine/Noir II, and Gendered & Written: Forums on Poetics. He holds an MFA from San Diego State University. Born in North Carolina, where he returns each summer to teach at Duke Young Writers' Camp, he currently lives and writes in San Diego, California.

Summer Submissions Update

Hi All,

I hope all is well in your worlds. I’ve been in communication with many writers individually, but thought that I’d write a public update. We’ve been making our way through spring/summer submissions. All of the submission manager flags should at the very least read “in progress.” We’ve sent out all of the first round rejections from summer submissions and all of the first and second round rejections from the spring submissions. Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to send out some acceptances. If you haven’t received a response, that could be a good sign. As of late, I’ve been personally responding to many submissions because I want writers to have an idea of why their manuscript might not have been chosen. I even make some craft comments or comments on the general direction of the manuscript if I think that I have something useful to offer. I do this because I’m sometimes on the other side of the submission wall, and I really appreciate it when an editor takes the time to offer that to me. It does mean that the responses will come a bit more slowly.

As for the chapbooks scheduled for 2015 release, we’re getting back on track. The end of September will see the publication of two new Etched Press titles: The Girl with the Green Violin by Kirby Wright and The Singing Is My Favorite Part by Susan Elliott Brown. Both are coming along nicely. October will see the publication of two more collections: Watching the Detectives by Erren Kelly and This Frayed Universe by Sarah Grodzinski. In November, Josef Krebs’ Apart from Concrete Existence and Michelle Villanueva’s Postscript: Lions will be published. One Lover, Four Sinners, and Three Time Travelers by Ana Prundaru will be published in December, possibly along with a yet to be determined chapbook that I have in mind. This is an update on the previous update as a few titles shifted in order.

A special thank you to everyone who submitted to the Etched Press Poetry Series contest. There are some terrific manuscripts that came in. The winner of the contest will be announced in the holiday season and made public on New Year’s Day. The winner will receive publication in 2016 and a $100 prize. Speaking of 2016, here’s a tease: there will *hopefully* be a small collection of translations from Spanish-language poems/poets published next year in a few bilingual chapbooks.

Thank you for your patience and support. I especially thank anyone who has ordered chapbooks from Etched Press. We’ve been behind on getting orders out, but rest assured, your order will soon be/is already on its way.

Stay Golden,


Kevin Dublin

Etched Press Editor


Now Offering Chapbook Bundles

One of my favorite things to do is collect chapbooks. They’re short, elegant chapbook-bundles(and occasionally inelegant) collections of poems that I can read in one sitting. I get them at festivals, directly from poets, and online from small presses. I even publish them. One of my favorite ways to acquire chapbooks is through chapbook bundles. I thought it was about time that Etched Press joined a group of small/micro presses that also offer them. Our catalog might not be as extensive, but it is ever-growing.


Introducing Chapbook Bundles

Etched Press now offers a collection of four different chapbooks at one discounted price as chapbook bundles. The selected chapbooks will be shipped in one package. You can access the chapbook bundles in the Shop section of the website just like any other item.

Which titles are available in Chapbook Bundles?


Check back every season as more titles will be available soon.