Poems in Which I am Chopped up by Zack Rearick

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The voice of the speaker in Zack Rearick’s debut chapbook is able to be lyrical and conversational, even humorously self-deprecating. It reads as though it was effortless to write, but the poems are dangerous and intimate. The collection is a crescendo, developing to its final poem, “Nightmare Girl.” Poems in Which I am Stepped On is confessional poetry in the spirit of a contemporary Plath or even more, Anne Sexton, who the collection makes reference to several times. In the hands of a lesser poet, this connection might read as melodrama or an exercise in self-pity, but this is a snapshot of a poet’s construction of self through others. Those others might be ex-girlfriends who were more like “new sisters” or characters from film, but the question that seems to be an unspoken through-line is “what if I loved you?” Ultimately, Poems in Which I am Stepped on, Chopped up, and Sleep Deprived is equal parts sass and sorrow, boldness and brilliance.

Zack Rearick was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he is completing his PhD at Georgia State University. He loves and shares poetry wherever he goes.

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Poems in Which I Am Chopped up, Stepped on, and Sleep Deprived is a chapbook of poems by Zack Rearick.

ISBN: 978-1-935847-02-1

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Zack Rearick is a Ph.D. student in Literary Studies at Georgia State University. He obtained his Master of Arts in English at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He cultivates his passion for poetry via public readings of his own work and those of his favorite poets, including Plath, Barrett Browning, Sexton, Manley Hopkins, and Keats. Poems in Which I Am Chopped Up, Stepped On and Sleep Deprived is his first chapbook. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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