New Titles in 2015


Six new titles coming soon:

Catherine Kyle (Flotsam) – Released February 2015
Kirby Wright (The Girl with the Green Violin) – September 2015
Erren Kelly (Watching the Detectives) – September 2015
Josef Krebs (Apart from Concrete Existence) – September 2015
Sarah Grodzinski (This Frayed Universe) – October 2015
Susan Elliot Brown (The Singing Is My Favorite Part) – October 2015
Michelle Villanueva (Postscript: Lions) – October 2015

Etched Press seeks two (2) more titles to publish in 2015. Please visit our submissions page for details on how to submit your chapbook manuscript!

new chapbook, catherine kyle, etched press

Flotsam Chapbook by Catherine Kyle Coming in February

Chapbook Coming Soon

new chapbook, catherine kyle, etched press
Photograph by Catherine Kyle
Honeynote font by Denise Bentulan (

The next chapbook from Etched Press, Flotsam by Catherine Kyle, will soon be published as a part of the Etched Press Poetry Series. Kyle has crafted a world filled with magical realism, in a traditional and nontraditional sense. The lyrics in Flotsam are imbued with spells. She invokes the ocean, ships, and urban and rural villages to craft a modern fairy tale. This is a chapbook that explores unconscious and conscious desires. Kyle expertly wields vivid imagery, lovely rhythms, textured verbs and taut metaphors. This chapbook explores the idea that “the line between flotsam and jetsam is want.” We learn that “humans distinguish the things waves do not.” By the end, Flotsam takes readers through the waters, across landscapes real and imagined to transform us until “we have become / the forest itself.”

Flotsam will be available as a print chapbook in the Etched Press Shop and as an ebook via Amazon Kindle on Valentine’s Day.

Poems in Which I Am Chopped up, Stepped on, and Sleep Deprived

[UPDATE] The print version of Poems in Which I Am Chopped up, Stepped on, and Sleep Deprived is available, and will ship beginning August 20, 2013.

Just a quick post to say that there’s more to come, but Zack Rearick’s Poems in Which I Am Chopped up, Stepped on, and Sleep Deprived, the newest chapbook in the Etched Press Poetry Series, has been available in the Amazon Kindle store and will soon be available in print (for realz this time). You can buy it for $5 or borrow it for free if you’re Prime member. Poet Steven Vineis says, “it’s superb.”

Previous chapbooks will hopefully become available in the Kindle Store soon. Submissions will also be re-opening this summer. Also, new video-poetry isn’t too far off! It’s been a long time coming.

New Chapbook Coming Soon

It’s been a long time, but like really slow clockwork, a new chapbook in the Etched Press Poetry Series is coming soon. Zack Rearick’s Poems in Which I Am Chopped Up, Stepped On, and Sleep Deprived should be available in print in the next few weeks. We’re still working on the digital version, but I’m hoping that will be available only a few weeks after in the Kindle Store. Can’t wait to share it with the world. It’s some very wonderful writing.


Zack Rearick is a recent M.A. graduate from the University of North Carolina – Wilmington. He will be pursuing a PhD in English, focusing on 20th Century American Poetry at Georgia State University in the fall.