Flotsam by Catherine Kyle

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Catherine Kyle brings together mysteries of pools of water to fill the land with myths and legends to create Flotsam, a collection of poems. Kyle has crafted a poetic world filled with magical realism, in a traditional and non-traditional sense. The lyrics in Flotsam are imbued with spells. She invokes the ocean, ships, and urban and rural villages to craft a modern fairy tale. This is a chapbook that explores unconscious and conscious desires. Catherine Kyle expertly wields vivid imagery, lovely rhythms, textured verbs and taut metaphors. This chapbook explores the idea that “the line between flotsam and jetsam is want.” We learn that “humans distinguish the things waves do not.” By the end, Flotsam takes readers through the waters, across landscapes real and imagined to transform us until “we have become / the forest itself.”

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Flotsam by Catherine Kyle is a chapbook of poems.

ISBN: 978-1935847-05-2

“Kyle affirms women’s stories, as well as womanhood in general. And, most pressing, a woman’s firm, fierce desire to be her own person.”

-H.L. Nelson, author of The Sea is Only Meat, on Catherine Kyle’s Work

Catherine Kyle is a Ph.D. candidate in English at Western Michigan University, where she studies representations of artists’ coming-of-age stories in contemporary graphic novels. Her hybrid-genre chapbook Feral Domesticity, which contains poetry, fiction, and paintings, was published by Robocup Press in 2014. You can read more about Catherine on her website: www.catherinebaileykyle.com.

Catherine Kyle


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