Apart from Concrete Existence by Josef Krebs

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Apart from Concrete Existence begins by reminding “you,” whoever the “you” might be: the reader or the speaker, that “not everything is about … you.” Krebs has crafted a collection which hovers just above an upturned earth. Each poem’s vibrant lines delight in phantoms—whether they are phantoms of the dead or phantoms of language. This poetry creates its own reality and haunting landscape from our recognizably shared world but at a distance. There are times when it questions self-hood and others when it questions the existence of anything other than the self. There is a lonely yearning to be transformed by poetry. Through it all, it searches for survival and solid ground with each magical step.

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Apart from Concrete Existence by Josef Krebs is a chapbook-length collection of poems.

ISBN: 978-1935847-13-7

Josef Krebs’ poetry appears in Agenda, Bicycle Review, Calliope, Mouse Tales Press, The Corner Club Press, The FictionWeek Literary Review, and Burningword Literary Journal. His fiction has been published by blazeVOX and Apart from Concrete Existence is his first chapbook. Krebs is the author of three novels, five screenplays, and another book of poetry. He is also a filmmaker who has had films screened at the Santa Cruz and Cannes film festivals. He lives and works in New York as a freelance writer for Sound & Vision magazine.

Josef Krebs

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