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Winter Updates

Hi All,

Thank you for supporting Etched Press. It’s now 2016, so here are a few winter updates. The new year has brought many exciting changes, but one thing that we’ll maintain is the press’ dedication to publishing “writing that remains.” The press is relocating (along with its managing editor) to San Francisco. This has pushed a few things behind but sped a few others up. One of the things it has sped up is the transition from chapbooks being published as handmade and saddle-stitched to printed elsewhere as perfect bound books. All of our new titles will be perfect bound books, and we’re working on converting all of the old titles as well. I’ve gone over a few proof copies. What I’ve seen looks and feels beautiful.

One of the things that was slowed down was the Etched Press Poetry Series contest. There is a batch of finalists printed in a manila folder waiting to be re-read. This folder will be re-opened soon and the goal is for the winner to be notified by the end of January. Along with that, will be a wave of  acceptances and rejections sent out from submittable. There are many an “in-progress” submission in our inbox. Most of them have already been rated, but not all of them have comments and we’re sending a few brief comments to everyone who remains even if we must decline. As part of the winter updates, we project that we’ll be able to publish 6-10 titles this year. At least one of those will be a full-length collection–it’s a New Year’s resolution of ours. That full-length collection will be fantastic, so be prepared.

More good news: This Frayed Universe by Sarah Brashear and Apart from Concrete Existence by Josef Krebs are currently available for pre-order in the shop. Etched Press is proud to bring you the work of two more wonderful poets. Expect a post soon with more details and sample poems. Also, there are two more chapbooks coming in March. Hope all is well and everyone’s new year has had a wonderful start.

Take Care,

Kevin Dublin

Etched Press Editor