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  1. Dear Sir/Madame,

    My name is Michael Dennis, I am a published poet from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    For the last two years I have been posting a regular blog about books of poetry I like. I try to post a new blog/review/appreciation every other day. My blog is called “Today’s book of poetry”.

    Thus far I’ve posted 284 blogs/reviews of books from over 130 different small presses.

    My blog has been seen by over 75,000 readers. Today’s book of poetry has been read by viewers in over 125 countries.

    We would very much like to include your titles on our blog.

    All the best,
    Michael Dennis

    Mailing address: Michael Dennis, 111 Dagmar Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1L 5T3.

    You can look at Today’s book of poetry here:

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’ll be sure to send you some review copies at the beginning of the New Year. Thank you for your blog. It’s wonderful.

      Kevin Dublin
      Etched Press Editor

  2. Kevin, Just to let you know. Two of your lovely little chapbooks arrived today. Before OnStar by Sarah Carson and Flotsam by Catherine Kyle. They will go into the loop. Thank you very much for sending them along. Today’s book of poetry will be certain to contact you – although we’d prefer an email address if possible. (We are at – whenever we blog/review one of your titles.
    Thanks for thinking of us and thank you for the kind words about the blog.
    All the best,
    Michael Dennis

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