Manuscript Guidelines:

Prepare one-inch margins on all sides of your document. Include your name and manuscript title in the header of each page. In your cover letter, type your name, MS. title, and contact information. All individual poems must also have titles in bold and each poem must be on a separate page.

Submit sixteen to twenty eight pages of poetry to our chapbook series. We read submissions all year for everything except the Etched Press Poetry Series, which runs from May 15 – August 1. Selected submissions will have their chapbook set, printed, bound, and the poet will receive free copies of the chapbook and further copies are sold in the online bookstore and available in the Kindle store. Authors can later obtain their own copies at a discount. Additionally, contest winners receive a cash prize. We will work directly with the author throughout the entire process. The layout and cover of the chapbook will be a few of the things the author will help decide.

We’re also becoming interested in full-length manuscripts. Our first will have to be something truly special, though. If you believe you have something special, submit 48 to 80 pages of any style of poetry. We’re particularly interested in project books of poetry focused on a single subject or two. Please include an acknowledgements page within the manuscript and a brief bio. Simultaneous submissions welcome. Please withdraw via submittable if accepted elsewhere.



Why do you have to pay for some submissions and not others?

Because we’re looking for specific types of poetry for our series and they get to submit for free. We could be as equally wowed by other types of poetry, but we charge in those categories in order to cut down on the number of submissions that we’d rather not read.

What’s the difference between General Submissions and the Etched Press Poetry Series Contest?

The Etched Press Poetry Series contest winner will always receive an established cash prize, whereas an accepted general submission’s advance is dependent on budget and funding.

What type of poetry is Etched Press really seeking?

Poetry which pays attention to the parts of its sum and includes some Truth. Poetry collections that have a trajectory. Individual poems filled with the textures of the world and pushed along with wonderful music.


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